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We will be at the 100% London exhibition in September , come and check out our new range of wine racks and cellar designs customised to your wine storage needs

“Hi I’m Chris from Display Wine

Made a short video to save you some time and to show you five of our unique wine cellar designs that you would like for your clients and future projects.

Will also be at 100 % Design in London in September, if you would be really great to see the products and to meet you face to face.

The wine cradles

These wineracks can either be mounted individually on the wall or be supplied with a timber or aluminum upright that is fixed directly to the wall.
Visually the bottles will appear to be floating and all the labels will be visible

The wine ladder

This wine rack is freestanding with two fixing points against the wall or ceiling.
We manufacture the ladder in units from one to four bottles side by side; and up to three bottles deep.

The Vinowall

Decorative wall art for wine. This winerack is mounted per panel and is expandable. With unique designs, graphics and branding.
Each panel holds 12 bottles.

The classic wine rack

This winerack is freestanding and is designed for maximum bottle storage. Wall mounted with various widths and depths available. Less decorative than the other storage options, but good practical wine storage. Available for 62 to 300 bottles.

The Wine Pod

This wine cabinet houses 45 bottles, has subtle lighting and is designed to be a beautiful piece of furniture that compliments your space.

As part of our service, we offer a render of our products for your available space. Just send us drawing with measurements of the space, and we will send you a few render options of your wine display or cellar.

Thanks so much for your time; we look forward to meeting you at 100% Design London

Look at more pictures:

If you want a brochure : https://www.displaywine.com/get-free-product-catalogue/