Custom wine displays and cellars


Display Wine exists to create an optimal presentation for your wine collection.

We have developed a range of attractive, modern and solid wine display options to suit many different environments. From wine storage of 60 bottles to 6000 bottles, we have a wide variety of solutions to accommodate your needs. If you are looking for a wine room or display area to be designed just for you, then Display Wine is your answer.


What will make your wine cellar spectacular is how you store your wine. Using multiple different display and racking options will add interest. The very best wine cellars showcase their finest wines while still finding ample room for everyday choices.

Take your wine collection to the next level and build your own custom wine room. It’s time to start curating those wine cellar design ideas.
For a custom design of your space, or a site visit for further clarity, fill in your details below and let us complete your ultimate wine display.