Cradles on Spine – custom lengths and sizes


The Wine Cradle has been designed to display your favourite wines with the label facing outwards. It allows you to choose your preferred wine with ease, make a display feature out of wine collection, as well as store your wine in a space saving manner

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Wine Cradle is a modular, wall-mounted or floor to ceiling mounted winerack. Designed to display your wine collection no matter the size, in a contempory functional manner.

Adaptable Mounting

The Wine Cradles can be fitted to a wall with suitable strength or affixed to a spine.

The Wine Cradles are installed by fitting the Spine to the wall, with the 2/3 supplied screws and wall plugs.

Each Wine Cradle holds one bottle and can be attached to a Spine of aluminium or timber, or even directly on to the wall, in any design you can imagine.

Vertical Spines (Upright) – 45mm width

Standard mounting Spines – Available in: Black, Alu or Solid Oak Timber.

Custom length Spines,  are available on request.

Custom lengths and sizes available

Length:  850mm   – 9 Bottles

Length:  950mm   – 10 Bottles

Length:  1250mm   – 13 Bottles

Length:  1550mm   – 16 Bottles

Length: 1850mm   – 19 Bottles

Length: 2050mm   – 21 Bottles

Length:  2250mm   – 23 Bottles

Length: 2450mm   – 25 Bottles

Length: 2950mm   – 30 Bottles


Wine Cradles are delivered and packaged in a ‘ready-to-hang’ state. They are delivered directly to our customer. A ‘Flat-pack’ unit is also available for export and retail requirements.


Wine Cradles carries a lifetime replacement warranty on the Wine Cradle product parts. This applies to any manufacturing defects. This warranty will exclude any ‘wear and tear’ items or scratches that may occur over time.


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