Wine cradles


The Wine Cradle has been designed to display your favourite wines with the label facing outwards. It allows you to choose your preferred wine with ease, make a display feature out of wine collection, as well as store your wine in a space saving manner

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Wine Cradles are a wall-mounted component, that can either be used on their own or in conjunction with other joinery or cabinetry.

Designed to display your bottle of wine with the label facing, so that your prize wine collection can be shown off.

Each Wine Cradle holds one bottle and can be attached to your wall, timber panel or whatever other surface you want to fix it too. It just need to be suitably anchored to carry  the weight of the bottle



Wine Cradles are delivered and packaged in a box of Qty 10 or Qty 100. They are delivered in a box directly to our customer.

Ready for export and international orders


Wine Cradles carries a lifetime replacement warranty on the Wine Cradle product parts. This applies to any manufacturing defects. This warranty will exclude any ‘wear and tear’ items or scratches that may occur over time.

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